First Time Buyer's Guide

    • Submitting an Offer - An experienced agent understands that a clean and elegant offer with attention to detail speaks volumes to a discerning party that can tip the scale in your favor and ultimately save you time and money.

      As a full service firm and as a duty to our sellers, we take the utmost discretion when examining offers that are submitted.

      Equally when submitting an offer on your behalf we understand that it will be reviewed and dissected with the same caliber. We’ll take the mystery out of vague legal language used in real estate contracts and explain each point in detail. When we find your dream home, we will prepare and present your offer with the best possible terms to your satisfaction.

    • Negotiations - In some cases your initial offer may be accepted outright, however in many real estate transactions, the agreement may exchange hands and be adjusted until all terms are agreed upon by everyone.

      This is an area of adeptness that sets a skilled agent apart from the rest. It requires an abundance of market expertise, laser point accuracy with facts, a little intuition, a little verbal judo, and a lot of experience. Our foremost objective is to swiftly arrive at a win-win agreement ethically and in good faith

    • Escrow and Closing - When a buyer and seller reach an agreement on the sale of a property including terms and price, a neutral agent known as an escrow company carries out the instructions set forth in the purchase contract.

      This time period gives the buyer the opportunity to:
      Review and approve disclosures
      Perform inspections and due diligence
      Negotiate requests for repairs and/or credits

      At each step of the way DLXco is there to offer guidance and to ensure a smooth transfer of title.


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